Personalized Support Program

This program can only be taken after enrollment into the Microloc Mastery Training and Certification program. It is the next step and provides you with additional needed support and coaching to implement and excel in the skills learned.

1.     Legal Support

Trademarks, licenses, state laws, business structure (LLC, etc), patents, copyright, etc. Assistance with getting access to affordable professional resources. Support with copyrighting, patenting process and resources.

2.     Marketing Support

Tools and support with multiple areas of marketing including ad strategy, social media growth -grow your social media quickly with real, relevant, engaged followers, market research, pricing, etc.

3.     Advanced Technique Support

Advanced skills: re-attachments, extending locs, and loc strengthening techniques.

4.     Ongoing individual coaching

5.     Liability forms and additional forms and guides

Looking forward to personally working with you!

Hi, I'm Jessyca, founder of Microloc Mastery. I look forward to working with you to strategize and grow your business and skills.

The areas of this coaching program will give you the cutting edge, help you surpass your goals, and assist you in going as far as possible to reach your dreams.

Let's get ready for MAJOR success!

Before you begin your sessions...

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